1: Actor Jay Johnston faces potential 5-year sentence for involvement in Jan 6 events. Legal troubles threaten career.

2: Controversy surrounds actor Jay Johnston after Jan 6 Capitol incident. Possible jail time looms ahead.

3: Jay Johnston's future uncertain following Jan 6 allegations. Hollywood career in jeopardy.

4: Actor Jay Johnston in hot water over Jan 6 ties. Legal repercussions loom large.

5: Jay Johnston's involvement in Jan 6 insurrection leads to legal consequences. 5-year sentence possible.

6: Actor Jay Johnston facing serious charges for role in Jan 6 events. Legal battle ahead.

7: Jan 6 ties put actor Jay Johnston's career on the line. Potential 5-year sentence threatens freedom.

8: Actor Jay Johnston's legal troubles deepen over Jan 6 involvement. Uncertain future ahead.

9: Jay Johnston's reputation tarnished by alleged Jan 6 connection. 5 years in jail a real possibility.