1: "Spooky Apple Monsters: Crunchy apples paired with sunflower seed butter for a healthy treat."

2: "Ghostly Banana Pops: Frozen bananas dipped in yogurt and coconut for a tasty snack."

3: "Pumpkin Patch Clementines: Easy to peel clementines decorated as mini pumpkins."

4: "Frankenstein Avocado Toast: Avocado on whole grain toast with olive slice eyes."

5: "Jack-o'-Lantern Veggie Platter: Carrot, cucumber, and pepper slices arranged as pumpkins."

6: "Mummy Rice Cakes: Rice cakes topped with Greek yogurt and raisin eyes."

7: "Witch's Broom Snacks: Pretzel sticks with cheese cubes for a savory snack."

8: "Spooky Granola Bars: Homemade granola bars filled with nuts and dried fruits."

9: "Monster Veggie Wraps: Tortillas stuffed with hummus and veggies for a quick meal."