1: Patrick J Adams and Sarah Rafferty, along with other Suits stars, are set to reunite at the ATX TV Festival.

2: Fans of the hit show can look forward to seeing their favorite characters back together again.

3: The reunion comes after a resurgence of interest in Suits thanks to its availability on Netflix.

4: Patrick J Adams and Sarah Rafferty will join their former castmates for a special panel at the festival.

5: The ATX TV Festival is known for bringing together beloved TV shows and their stars for exciting events.

6: Suits fans will have the opportunity to see their favorite actors reminisce about their time on the show.

7: The cast reunion is sure to bring back memories of the beloved legal drama series.

8: Don't miss the chance to see Patrick J Adams, Sarah Rafferty, and more Suits stars back together again.

9: Join the excitement at the ATX TV Festival as the cast reunites and celebrates the legacy of Suits.