1: "SSS Death Benefit 2024: A one-time only payment for eligible beneficiaries."

2: "Maximum SSS Death Benefit amount to be determined based on the member's contributions."

3: "Who can claim the SSS Death Benefit? Dependents of the deceased member."

4: "Children, parents, and spouses are qualified beneficiaries of the SSS Death Benefit."

5: "Applicants must submit necessary documents to avail of the SSS Death Benefit."

6: "The SSS Death Benefit aims to provide financial assistance to the deceased member's family."

7: "Claimants must have a valid ID and the member's death certificate to process the benefit."

8: "SSS Death Benefit application should be filed within a year after the member's death."

9: "Understanding the SSS Death Benefit process can help beneficiaries receive due compensation."